Secondary Containment Area

The Petrochemical industry has found many uses for SolarShell including protecting containment areas from chemical spillages.

This secondary concrete containment area has been coated with SolarShell to shield against potential chemical attacks.

After the neutralization and sand blasting the concrete containment area, the detail areas were strip coated with SolarGel and SolarShell. The remaining area was covered and overlapped with SolarShell, then exposed to artificial UV lighting.

The petrochemical company gained full protection from a seamless system that is mechanical and chemical resistant through the easy application and a quick turnaround time of SolarShell. [Read more…]

Oil and Gas Pipe Coating

SolarShell has provided many benefits to the Oil and Gas industry. One example is protecting pipelines from corrosion.

SolarShell has been applied to the outer layer of the pipeline prior to installation and burial of the pipeline.

The application began with sand blasting and priming the pipeline with SolarGel. After shielding the work area from the sunlight, SolarShell was applied by hand and overlapped for a seamless system.

The quick turnaround and ease of application coupled with full protection of a seamless system and great mechanical and chemical resistance makes SolarShell a perfect solution for the Oil and Gas companies. [Read more…]

Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

The pharmaceutical industry has found SolarShell functions well for many of their applications

In this example, SolarShell was used as insulation for piping and valve boxes.

The laminate was cut to specific dimensions and applied and overlapped creating a seamless system.  It was then exposed to artificial UV light for 15-20 minutes to cure.

SolarShell provides full mechanical, chemical, and corrosion protection and has a easy application and quick turnaround time. [Read more…]

Open Water Tank

Open Water Tank

Water storage tanks have be protected with SolarShell from corrosion of tank walls that deteriorates and perforates the wall.

SolarShell has been used to patch perforation points and as a full system that shields the walls from corrosive elements.

Once the tanks has been sand blasted and the perforations patched, a coat of SolarGel primer was applied. SolarShell was then added to the tanks wall and topped with a coat of SolarGel.

Along with corrosive protection, benefits of SolarShell include quick turnaround time, ease of application, a seamless system and excellent weather and mechanical resistance. [Read more…]

Jetty Legs / Splash Zone

Off shore oil and gas companies have used SolarShell along their jetty legs in splash zones to protect against corrosion.

SolarShell applied to the outside of jetty legs protects against the loss of wall thickness caused by corrosion.

The installation began with sand blasting priming the jetty legs with SolarGel.  SolarShell was then applied and topped with an additional coat of SolarGel

SolarShell has weather, mechanical, and corrosive protecting properties.  It also provides an easy application process and fast turnaround times. [Read more…]